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Angola Image Bank™ is the place on the internet for Stock Photos from Angola, both Rights Managed and Royalty Free, by KODILU photography! We are dedicated exclusively to photos from Angola, with flexible licensing, secure online payment, immediate digital download through personalized cart and light-box. 

Offline payment is also possible via bank transfer, wire, cash, etc. Send us an e-mail describing your needs. Let us find the photos you are looking for and when you choose the right ones, we will make you our best possible offer on a case-by-case basis. Just drop us an e-mail at licensing@angolaimagebank.com 

If you do not find what you are searching for right away, do not give up: send us an inquiry and our specialists will seek our off-line database featuring more than 40,000 images.

KODILU, Lda. Serviços Fotograficos is the holder of the Angola Image Bank™ trademark and product, but we also have professional photographers that can be hired for specific assignments, both on-location or in studio. Please feel free to get in touch with us and we will do our best to fulfill your specific photographic needs. Send us an email to info@angolaimagebank.com or call us at +244923331999 (or alternatively at +359886086008 in case we are on assignment internationally and do not answer on the first phone number).

Non-binding offer templates, fees and terms & conditions.
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3h pack 6h pack
10% discount off our hourly rate
9h pack
15% discount off our hourly rate

Please note that the above fees are for Luanda and Bengo only. Travel costs to other provinces must account for transportation (flight or 4x4), accommodation, meals, risk management and thus incur and addition of 50% on top of the 9h/day pack.

Among the list of clients that frequently rely on our services are:

- Griner;
- BAI – Banco Angolano de Investimentos;
- Engenho Angola Comunicação;
- Sonangol;
- Siemens International;
- SAA – South African Airways;
- TBWA, Angola;
- DStv / MultiChoice Angola;
- AIC – Arquivo de Imagem e Cor;
- CAPA Pictures France;
- TOTAL E&P Angola;
- COFACO, Açores;
- CDCA – Companhia de Dança Contemporânea de Angola;
- BPC – Banco de Poupança e Crédito;
- Standard Bank Angola;
- HCTA – Hotel de Convenções de Talatona;
- Skyna Hotel Luanda;
- Charme Tours;
- Revista Villas & Golfe;
- Revista África Today;
- SISTEC – Sistemas, Tecnologias e Industria, S.A.;
- Olympic Grupo Angola;
- Macau Magazine;
- Macaulink;
- NOSI - Núcleo Operacional para a Sociedade de Informação;
- Casa das Baguettes;
- APCD – Associação Portuguesa de Cultura e Desenvolvimento;
- CEAST – Conferência Episcopal de Angola e São Tomé;
- Finicapital / Projecto Baía de Luanda;
- Jornal Expresso, Portugal;
- SAPO Angola;
- Geração 80;
- Prodiaman;
- All About Angola;
- Infotur – Welcome to Angola / On Media;
- Atelier Mulemba;
- Revista Universo da Sonangol;
- Startel;
- Ridge Solutions

Some of the photos in our Image Bank have won international recognition and awards, such as, but not limited to:

- National Geographic Your Shot competition;
- Best in May 2007- National Geographic photo of the day;
- May 12th, 2010- National Geographic’s Photo of The Day;
- Ranked in National Geographic’s top 10 of 2010;
- Featured in National Geographic Photography Contest 2010;
- #1 most voted photo at World Photography Organization from 2010 to date…
- 1 silver & 1 bronze medals at the International Aperture Awards;
- Featured in National Geographic Magazine Interactive Edition May 2011;
- Two times on the cover of Villas & Golfe Magazine (1st and 3rd years anniversary editions);
- Seven times on the cover of Africa Today Magazine and in articles;
- Cover of the Sawbona South African Airways (SAA) inflight magazine, December 2012;
- Cover of the Angola In Magazine, August 2008;
- Sonangol Posters;
- The 27 Natural Wonders of Angola Competition – 7 photographs;
- Covers on 3 Welcome to Angola brochures;
- Siemens – Green City Index website;
- Covers on 2 issues of Especial Expresso XL;
- Pan African Parliament Magazine, 6th edition – article double-spread;
- World Finance, July-August 2012 (BAI illustrated article);
- Numerous outdoors, billboards and magazine ads.

Please get in touch for more information about us.

Kind regards,
The KODILU, Lda. | Angola Image Bank™ team